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Cleaning Services for Florida / NY

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Commercial Janitorial Services
Janitorial Cleaning Services
Commercial Cleaning Services
Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Services
Janitorial Cleaning Services
Commercial Floor Cleaning
Office Cleaning Services

We take pride in our unparalleled quality service in the cleaning Dalcare International backed by years of experience. We provide full janitorial services using the most advanced techniques and equipment available to better serve our clients.



Commercial Cleaning Services for New York

Mainkey Services Corp. International provides professional cleaning and maintenance to building owners across the entire State of New York including the NYC metro area. With local offices in Elmsford, NY and Danbury CT, Mainkey has highly trained cleaning, janitorial and maintenance staff ready to service your business.

New York City Cleaning Services

stairway cleaning new york cityThe five boroughs that make up New York City are each unique in their business make up and service requirements. Manhattan has world class restaurants, office towers and legendary museums. The Bronx features a diverse assortment of ethnic restaurants, botanical gardens and apartments building of every size. Queens has fine art galleries, US Open tennis and a diverse residential community. Staten Island is home to a water front cultural center, historic architecture and arguably the best pizza in the world. Last but not least Brooklyn is a city within a city. Brooklyn attractions such as Prospect Park, Nets Basketball, great live music and fine dining are second to none. Each of the five boroughs has commercial cleaning and janitorial requirements that are extremely diverse and uncommonly demanding. The condensed population and facilities utilization of most restaurants, medical offices and retail businesses in New York City means that frequent and high quality cleaning services are a must. Mainkey management has been doing business in New York as commercial cleaning company since 1978, who better to call when cleaning needs to get done!

Gym Cleaning Services for New York

Our goal at Mainkey Services Corp. International is to provide the very best in professional building cleaning in New York and across the globe. Our quality control standards are high and our cleaning staff and managers are among the best in the cleaning business. Gym's require high cleaning standards to maintain the health and safety of all patrons. The nature of a workout area where sweating is encouraged and shower areas are shared by hundreds of customers in a single day, cleanliness is paramount. Mainkey excels at the toughest cleaning challenges, call us today for a comprehensive estimate on keeping your gym clean and healthy for all of your members.

  • Wipe Down & Disinfect Workout Equipment
  • Wipe Down All Bathroom Surfaces
  • Damp Dust Mop Floors
  • Locker Room Cleaning
  • Hard Surface Floor Cleaning
  • Gym Cleaning Nationwide

New York Janitorial Cleaning Services 

Highly trained cleaning personnel and efficient supervision ensure rigid cleaning specifications are always met. Mainkey has a thorough employee hiring and selection process that helps us to maintain the best professional janitorial employees possible. Our employees embrace our company values and cleaning work ethic, and are in turn treated justly and compensated fairly. We customize our janitorial service to meet the needs of property management firms, facility managers and building owners in commercial, institutional and industrial markets.

New York Floor Stripping and Floor Waxing Services

Commercial floor cleaning services for all types and textures of floor surfaces. High traffic areas like most of those in New York are prone to dirt, grit and grime from pedestrian traffic that can leave a beautiful floor with a less than professionally cleaned appearance. When left unchecked dirt and grit can damage your floors permanently and cause unsightly scratches, premature ware and unsafe conditions.

Mainkey high speed polishing give your floors a professional shine with super performance high-speed floor polishing machines. Our waxing and sealing crews will protect your floors with high quality, professional floor care products. Marble floor honing by our floor care professionals removes scratches and etching from stone and marble to make a shiny, reflective surface. Marble and other stone floor surface grinding removes scratches and levels uneven spots in the floor. Building owners in New York City trust their floor cleaning and waxing to the experts at Mainkey Services Corp. International you can too!

  • Vinyl Floor Cleaning NY
  • Ceramic Tile Floor Cleaning NY
  • Cement Floor Cleaning NY
  • No Wax Floor Cleaning NY
  • Marble Floor Cleaning NY
  • Slate Floor Cleaning NY
  • Floor Waxing New York
  • Rug Cleaning New York
  • Nationwide Fllor Cleaning Services

New York Construction Clean Up Services

Mainkey Services Corp. International provides construction cleaning services for residential as well as commercial job sites. Our bathroom maintenanceconstruction clean up process involves the thorough cleaning of single family homes, condos, offices or any other building type. To complete a building or renovation project safely you need the space to be clean for ongoing construction, inspections or the selling process. Contractors throughout the greater New York area rely on Mainkey Services Corp. International to clean up before, during and after their building or renovation projects.

Our construction site clean up services include removing tape, tarps, and plastic covering from windows, floors and appliances. The wash down of sinks, bath tubs, shower stalls, plumbing fixtures, medicine cabinets and other water utility related areas. sweep out and pick up around the entire interior and exterior of job site to prevent trips and falls. Remove cutouts, boxes, screws, nails and pallets from construction area and place into the proper waste or recycling containers. Mainkey can provide customized job site clean up that fits the needs and budget of New York construction companies.

New York Medical Cleaning Services

Through our extensive medical facility cleaning experience, Mainkey has become a premier provider of of janitorial services for this vital sector of human services. Our goal is to provide the very best in professional cleaning services for hospitals, immediate care facilities and medical office of all kinds.

Medical Office Cleaning

Hospitals, medical offices and operating rooms need to maintain a very high level of cleanliness. The Mainkey cleaning crew supervision process and daily cleaning checklist are used to maintain the standards required for patients, staff and visitors.   

  • Cleaning Schedules are Client Customized
  • Restroom Cleaning & Disinfecting
  • Equipment Cleaned and Sanitized

New York Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning

Mainkey New York Carpet Cleaning services use only the most powerful and effective carpet cleaning equipment and environmentally safe cleaning solutions. We believe that the best equipment must be accompanied by knowledgeable employees that are fully trained to provide excellent cleaning and world class customer service.

  • Furniture Cleaning New York
  • Fabric Cleaning New York
  • Carpet Cleaning New York
  • Upholstery Cleaning New York
  • Oriental Rug Cleaning New York

New York City Restaurant Cleaning Services

Restaurants require a level of cleanliness second only to operating rooms. Passing New York health codes is a minimum level of acceptable cleanliness for a restaurant. Health Inspectors do their inspections visually and are not able to always detect bacteria and virus gems that pose the real problem in food service. Mainkey excels at keeping unhealthy germ from affecting the quality of service that New York restaurants provide to their clients.

The visual part of restaurant cleaning is extremely important to the patrons that expect exceptionally clean floors, clean windows, clean entry foyers and other areas within their view. At Mainkey our high standards and fierce commitment to consistent cleaning quality ensure that your restaurant not only looks clean, but is germ free and healthy.

  • 5 Star Restaurant Cleaning
  • Diner Cleaning
  • Take Out Food Service Cleaning
  • Cafeteria Cleaning New York
  • Nationwide Food Service Cleaning

New York School Cleaning Services

There may be no other place that spreading germs can multiple and infect as quickly as inside of a school. Keeping schools clean helps to control the spread of not just cold and flu outbreaks but also more serious health concerns. Mainkey has been keeping New York schools clean since 1978. 

  • School Janitorial Services NY
  • School Cafeteria Cleaning NY
  • School Floor Cleaning NY
  • School Office Cleaning NY
  • School Restroom Cleaning NY
  • School Window Cleaning NY
  • School Cleaning Nationwide

New York Office Cleaning Services

Our goal at Mainkey Services Corp. International is to provide the very best in professional office cleaning and janitorial services. Our well trained professional office cleaning teams can provide you with the consistently high level of cleaning services that you deserve. We know the importance of having a clean work environment that facilitates productivity and overall good health.

Office Building Cleaning Service NY

We offer professional office cleaning services on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. Each cleaning situation is unique and Mainkey is able to provide exactly the service your business or building requires.

Residential Cleaning Services New York

Mainkey Services Corp. International has been in the business of professional house cleaning, apartment cleaning and condo cleaning since 1978. Our cleaning services take some of the stress out of our customers hectic lives. Coming home at night after a hard days work to a clean apartment and not spending the weekends house cleaning greatly increases family time, recreational hours and quality of life.

Mainkey reliability means that you can depend on our cleaning crew to be at your home or office on your scheduled cleaning time and date. Client communication at Mainkey is a priority. Each home is different and needs unique services to be properly cleaned. We make it as easy as possible for you to reach us if you should have a question or concern about how your house, apartment or condominium is being cleaned.

  • Living Room Cleaning New York
  • Bedroom Cleaning New York
  • Bathrooms Cleaning New York
  • Hallways Cleaning New York
  • Kitchen Cleaning New York
  • Carpets and Floors Cleaning NY

For more information about our commercial cleaning services locally, nationwide or Internationally, please give us a call.

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